The Spring Update (quarterly newsletter) contains the following and more:

Cab badges added

For some time now badges or manufacturer names have been included with some cabs. Originally, if the name or logo was big enough, it was embossed into the casting for the modeller to pick out in silver. Whilst Bob is perfectly capable of doing this (after all it’s he that adds the detail with numerous coats of paint that creates the embossing on the master), us lesser mortals have great difficulty with that degree of detail, especially using silver paint, which is why I started using transfers to a limited degree.

For example the fine detail needed for the Leyland Terrier/Boxer etc. could never have been achieved with a brush, and many other s are in the same category. Some models have had badges added retrospectively and I have just added ones for FOD4 Foden DG, and VUL2 Vulcan 6PF/VF at no extra cost, plus a couple for new models in the pipeline. A Maudslay badge is also added but as this is so small, these are available in packs of four for £2, as with the AEC badges. The same applies to the TFR33 Bedford Scammell O type badges that are too small to pack with the cab. TFR32 and 34 will be deleted from the Summer list as these badges are now included with the new ALB2 and new BED13. I have printed in bold with badge models that now have them included with the cab.


Modelling Information Sheets 

MIS 5 – Painting and Colour Mixing has been updated to include all liveries up to TFR91 C&G Yeoman, on the Spring list supplied with this Update. RTI Guild members will have one included free; otherwise they are available at £2 each.



New possibilities for transfer sets

Hall & Co; Tarmac and Watneys have been produced following customer requests who subsequently supplied detailed information and photographs to enable authentic reproduction. I am willing to add more to our list providing details can meet the following criteria:

The company needs to be nationally recognised, or within a significant part of the UK.

Our range of cabs and bodywork options are compatible with the actual vehicle types operated.

Clear photos of original vehicle(s) (not preserved/restored examples) can be supplied showing front, side and hopefully rear views.

If no rear view is available, a description of what was on the rear and the font (lettering) style used.

If you’ve a favourite fleet that we haven’t got listed, please get in touch as at least a third of what’s currently on offer is from customer requests and information supplied.



A full hard copy will be sent to you with your first order

The Spring Update (quarterly newsletter) contains full details of the following:

Spring Auction – sale of exhibition display models. Bids until the end of April 2010.

Detail changes to FOD 5 Foden S21 cab. Atkinson ‘Big A’ stainless etched radiator badges.

Special prices available on ten withdrawn sets of waterslide transfers.

Exhibition attendances April to June. List of new waterslide transfers.

Background and operating details of the current ‘special kit deal’ – British Railways Thames 4D ET7 2ton parcels van for £22 complete with transfers. Save £8.00!

Full details and operating backgrounds to five new cabs, two bodies and a low loader semi- trailer introduced on the Spring price list.

Don't drop off the perch... If the month after your name on the address label reads between April and June 2009, this will be the last update that you receive unless an order is placed before the next update, scheduled for New Year 2010.

Johnsons KearJohnson Klear I hope users of Klear have been able to stock up before it disappeared from the shelves, following the mention in the last update. If anybody did miss out and lives within striking distance of Widnes, Cheshire, a guild member has told me he has a couple of spare bottles he is prepared to part with. If interested, please send me your address details including a phone number and I will forward them to him.
Liquid glazing .

Summer 2010 - this product has now been re-branded as 'Pledge multi-surface wax' which is equally as good as the original Klear product.

I have been a fan for a long time of Marvin Medium and have often passed on details in the past. Glue 'N' Glaze The problem with it is that is difficult to get hold of and a/so packed in very large bottles. However, 1 have now found a product called Glue 'N' Glaze which is equally as good and readily available either online or by phone. The website address is and the free phone number is 08002985121. It is packed in 50ml bottles at £4.89 + P&P of £3 for orders of £10 or less. I've used this on a number of occasions now, and highly recommend it.



Archive listed cabs
Demo PictureWe have now reverted to the full list of previously withdrawn cabs, any of which can be casted for £2 above their previous list price. The reason for this change is that 1 have completely re-laid the workshop and now have all of these moulds readily available so there will be minimum delay in posting off any archive item with your norma/ order. The full archive list can be found on the last page of the enclosed price list.
Cab clearance list Included with this mailing is a separate sheet headed 'Clearance list" of previously withdrawn cabs. There are minimal quantities of these Items so if any are of interest, please respond immediately.

Transfer prices reduced I have been able to reduce the price of certain transfers. When a repeat order is placed with the supplier, no artwork charges are applicable which makes a considerable reduction to each item. Therefore, the following transfers have been reduced in price: TFR18 Birds Eye from £6 to £4; TFR19 Bowaters from £5 to £4; TFR23 British Sugar from £5 to £4 and TFR25 Tate & Lyle which were £7, have now been split into two packs, TFR25 containing tanker and box van transfers now at £4, and a new number TFR25A that contains transfers for platform vehicles only at £2. The code numbers and prices are printed in bold on the enclosed price list.


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