Don't drop off the perch... If the month after your name on the address label reads between April and June 2009, this will be the last update that you receive unless an order is placed before the next update, scheduled for New Year 2010.

Johnsons KearJohnson Klear I hope users of Klear have been able to stock up before it disappeared from the shelves, following the mention in the last update. If anybody did miss out and lives within striking distance of Widnes, Cheshire, a guild member has told me he has a couple of spare bottles he is prepared to part with. If interested, please send me your address details including a phone number and I will forward them to him.
Liquid glazing .

Summer 2010 - this product has now been re-branded as 'Pledge multi-surface wax' which is equally as good as the original Klear product.

I have been a fan for a long time of Marvin Medium and have often passed on details in the past. Glue 'N' Glaze The problem with it is that is difficult to get hold of and a/so packed in very large bottles. However, 1 have now found a product called Glue 'N' Glaze which is equally as good and readily available either online or by phone. The website address is and the free phone number is 08002985121. It is packed in 50ml bottles at £4.89 + P&P of £3 for orders of £10 or less. I've used this on a number of occasions now, and highly recommend it.



Archive listed cabs
Demo PictureWe have now reverted to the full list of previously withdrawn cabs, any of which can be casted for £2 above their previous list price. The reason for this change is that 1 have completely re-laid the workshop and now have all of these moulds readily available so there will be minimum delay in posting off any archive item with your norma/ order. The full archive list can be found on the last page of the enclosed price list.
Cab clearance list Included with this mailing is a separate sheet headed 'Clearance list" of previously withdrawn cabs. There are minimal quantities of these Items so if any are of interest, please respond immediately.

Transfer prices reduced I have been able to reduce the price of certain transfers. When a repeat order is placed with the supplier, no artwork charges are applicable which makes a considerable reduction to each item. Therefore, the following transfers have been reduced in price: TFR18 Birds Eye from £6 to £4; TFR19 Bowaters from £5 to £4; TFR23 British Sugar from £5 to £4 and TFR25 Tate & Lyle which were £7, have now been split into two packs, TFR25 containing tanker and box van transfers now at £4, and a new number TFR25A that contains transfers for platform vehicles only at £2. The code numbers and prices are printed in bold on the enclosed price list.


Cabs to be delisted in three months time
The following cabs will be available until the end of this year: ATKl Atkinson Bow front; COM4 Commer C series; ERF5 ERF Sabrina; FOR3A Ford D Series MkIl; SED4 Sed don Mk5L and THO I Thornycroft Trusty. I would suggest you buy any of these cabs before the end of the year and before they move over to the archive list costing you another £2 per item!

Product code changes Three items are the subject of code changes under a new category headed "Accessories " Working men (WM) are now coded CAl and the two types of chassis fittings previously coded CH3 and CH4 are now CA3 and CA4 respectively.

Autumn Special Kit Deal
On this occasion, we are offering a wartime Bedford Scammell automatic coupling 18ft platform trailer arttc, complete with a set of British Railways transfers or any other set of your choice for £23.00 saving £8 on the £31.00 ifall of the modules were purchased separately. This offer coincides with an offer made in collaboration with a special supplement on British Railways motor vehicles, which is being publishedjointly by Diecast Collector/Brittsh Railway Modelling.

The Bedford OXC tractor unit fitted with Scammell coupling and 18ft platform trailers were supplied to the various railway companies and a number of private operators during the war years within the "essential users permit" scheme. This combination offering an 8 ton payload on an 18ft loading bed was the first experience that many private operators (including the railway companies at this weight range) had of this type of vehicle. The advantage of an extra 3 tons payload and additional 4 feet loading space still a 28hp petrol engine wasn't lost on these operators, many of whom went on to buy the Bedford 0 type and longer 20ft trailers that became available after the war. Many of the original "essential user" OXC units were still giving sterling service well into the '60 'so This offer is available until the end of December, with a saving of £8.00 on the complete set as stated above.

New Introductions for autumn
ALB 5 Albion CX7N 1938-51 Duramin cab Albion introduced the CX models in 1938,following a "test bed" first 8 wheeler for Albion, the T56I announced in January 1937 which was not unsimtlar in visual appearance. Initial engine options were Albion 6 cylinder petrol or diesel or Gardner 6LW diesel. Braking was well ahead of lis time as second front axle brakes were standard from introduction, something that AEC and Leyland didn't offer 'ttl many years after the war. Production ceased in 1940 and resumed in 1946. This was one of a variety of coach-built cab offered and can also be used for the CX5 12ton 6 wheeler and CX3 and CX1 7 and 6.5 ton four wheelers. Price: £7.00 DOD 6 Dodge K type 500 series 1964 cab - with vac glaring The unusual design of this cab Is attributed to American Influence at the Kew factory embracing a range of 4x2, 6x2 and 6x4 types from 10-24 tons GVW running on eight stud Wheels up to 12 tons GVW and ten stud thereafter. Later, a 28ton GVW tractor unit was introduced, and an eight wheeler was also developed, but possibly only as demonstrators, as J am not aware of any being photographed In operator /tvery. The lighter models were fitted with Perkins diesels the heavies with initially Chrysler-Cummins V6 and V8s, and later Perkins V8-540s. Supplied with vac-glazing and air-intake stack that fits to the offside rear of some cabs. Price: £8.00

LEY 10 Leyland Boxer/LairdlMasti(fetc 1971 G cab - with vac glazing Known as the "Leyland Redline" range these vehicles were produced in the former Albion factory at Bathgate, West Lothian. Face lifted from the earlier BMC FJ range, the G cab was used on all models from 6.5ton Terrier to 28 ton GVW Mastiff. with the lower grille/headlight panel.front wing pressing and entry step being the major visual differences. Price: £8. 50

MOR 1 Mo"is-Commercial CV 1938-53 cab A reintroduction of the attractive all-steel cab introduced in 1938 to compete with the increasingly popular Bedford and Fordson competition. We have completely reworked the master. now with an interior including a folly detailed dashboard and including a pair of white-metal headlamps instead of the cast on resin type. There are pilot holes either side of the radiator for them to fit into. giving a much sharper detailed finish. It is our intention to supply a pair of these headlamps with all cabs that have headlamps off of either side of the radiator (AUSl; BED2 etc), to allow you the option of sticking with the cast on type, or replacing them as to your preference. Price: £7.00
VUL 1 Vulcan 6VF/6PF 1946 cab Vu/can were one of the few manufacturers building commercial chassis throughout the war years, supplying operators on receipt t of the elusive "essential user permit". This is the immediate post war model, the only difference to the utility model being the fitment of standard 7.5-inch headlamps. The two model variants are 6VF= Vulcan petrol engine. 6PF= Perkins P6 diesel. BRS acquired a considerable number of rigids from various nationalised companies. and went on to buy a number of new 7-ton rigids and ltl-ton tractor units with Scammell automatic couplings. All of the new one came with Perkins P6 diesels, with most acquired petrol models also changed to Perkins diesels. Price: £7.00

831 Cvlindrical 8 wheeler beer/milk tanker with etched brass ladder The tank is pictured on the illustrated sheet on AEC2 as an Express Dairy milk tanker and on the reverse it is shown on the new Albion CX7N cab and chassis as a Guinness tanker. Unfortunately I could not get any of my transfer suppliers to produce Guinness transfers for me as this company, along with some other famous names, are very hot on litigation. protecting their copyright. I would have thought this type of thing would only promote a company's brand and image but as none of us want to finish up in the tower, we'll have to do without them. We can however supply transfers for Whitbread, Bulwark, Thomas Alien, Fremlins, United Dairies (although I'm not sure ifUD did operate 8 wheel tankers), Express Dairy and Crow Carrying Company. Price - £10.00
Bodywork relistings The following bodies have been moved from the archive list back on to the main list at normal prices to suit cabs and the new CH3 chassis that has been introduced this quarter: B9 Bulk sugar tank (to suit FOD5 Foden S21 cab); B13 12ft 6 all steel tipper (to suit DOD6, LEYlO and other cabs already listed) and B16 20ft Curtainstde body (to suit post 1960 's fic cabs). Normal prices shown on list. CH3 Generic 4x2 Heavy lwb chassis 16ft wb (Mmm) for all flc cabs At long last we have produced a chassis that will suit all medium and heavyweight forward control cabs, rather than compromising to some degree with CH5, which is better suited to normal control cabs. This chassis has a slightly higher ground clearance and gives a better visual effect for the cabs and bodywork it is intended for, whether used in lwb form or cut and shut for tippers. Price - £7.50

L613ft 45gallon steel drum load 93mm long A new steel drum load for 8 wheelers that is shown on the main illustrated sheer loaded onto an ALE5. The visible outer skin is cast in resin to enhance the detail and filled wtth plaster far a solid effect. The lower tier is 10 rows of 3 standing, then 10 rows 2 across laid side by side and chocked at the ends with a further row of9. 2 across laid side by side on top. Other details include strengthening bands around the Circumference of the drums and drainage/fill caps in the side and top of each drum. Price - £4.00
T13 Scammell18ft platform semi-trailer This is the trailer that has been specially produced for the latest kit deal which is supplied with 2ft headboard, rear Wings/axle carrier, wheels and axle plus coupled and uncoupled jockey wheel set for posing in either position. This enables people to purchase additional trailers tf requtred in addition to the one supplied in the kit deal. It is likely that this will only be available for the duration a/the kit deal as T6 can be cut to any length from it's maximum 26ft down to 18 or even 15ft long. Price- £8.50
TFR25a Tate cl Lvle set for platform bodies The set contains headboard and side rave lettering. Fleet numbers can be utilized from the many spares available on the tanker set. Price - £1.00

TFR66a Six fictional names in black Suffictent for 6 vehicles with fictional names/ trades/towns in various font styles in black lettering as opposed to the original white. Price - £8.00

TFR69 Express Dairy tankers The set comprises blue and white lettering, 3 pairs fleet numbers, 1 pair royal warrants. Refer to illustrated sheet for more detail. Price - £4.00

TFR70 G.LBaker London £14 A well known haulage contractor that in later years became BOC Transhield. Refer to illustrated sheet for more detail. Price - £4.

TFR71 Crow Carrying CompanY Added in response to requests from the recent Scammell tanker deal, the logos are particularly well detailed. Price - £4.00 TFR72 Sunbust Bread Completes the baker 's set with Mother's Pride and Wonderloaf See LEY9 on illustrated sheet. Price - £4.00


Exhibition dates We will be attending the following exhibitions with our foil product range on sale, with an accompanying displ-ay of over 100 completed models all built using RTf modules: The Big Transport Colledors Favre- Winton School, London Road, Andover - 10. 30am-5. OOpm - Saturday 'P' November 2009 I regret I am unable to attend BCVM Leyland on the 25th October due to an overlooked engagement with a surgeon's knife! Thank you for your continued support. Frank Wailer Dictated to and typed by Christie Wright